Haringey Justice for Palestinians

Who we are
Haringey Justice for Palestinians is a broad based organisation which was set up in 2005. We comprise local community and political activists working to promote solidarity links with Palestinians and to call for justice for Palestinians. We welcome new members.

This is our second Tottenham Palestine Literature Festival.  We hope it will be a great opportunity for talking, listening, debating and learning about Palestine through the prism of books, songs, films and photography.  

What we believe
We think it's a scandal that while world leaders talk of peace, Israel carries on blocking any moves towards peace by continuing to create new settlements, Bantustans for the 'natives' and building an apartheid wall in contravention of international law.

Palestinians' territory is confiscated, their crops destroyed and the people humiliated and oppressed daily by an army of occupation that obeys no known rules of civilised behaviour. There can be no peace in the Middle East until the Palestinians achieve justice. That means the implementation of ALL United Nations Resolutions and human rights legislation, including the right of return for ALL Palestinian Refugees.

Here are some examples of what we have done in the past:

Public meetings, political education & fundraising

  • During the invasion of Gaza, we organised a packed public meeting with Tony Benn at the local Bernie Grant Centre
  • We have taken part in demonstrations against the invasion of Gaza and south Lebanon.
  • We regularly run handicraft and information stalls at local events and festivals such as the Lordship Rec Community Festival. (see below)
  • As active members of the Britain Palestine Twinning Network we have invited guests from Aizaria (Bethany), the Palestinian town we are twinned with to visit Haringey to gain professional development and to carry out awareness raising talks and activities.
  • We hold regular fundraising events such as pub quizzes, plant and book sales and sponsored bike rides to pay for activities such as bringing over Palestinian guests.

Sale of handicrafts made by the Bedouin Women's Co-op

The Bedouin are the outcasts of both Israeli and Arab society.  We sell handicrafts made by a group of Bedouin women who live in Aizaria who lost their livelihoods as olive pickers on the Mount of Olives when the Wall was put up.   These sales help support eight families.  As well as a wide selection of handicrafts, from oyster card holders to keffiyehs we also sell Fair Trade Palestinian olive oil and soap and our stalls also have information about the work we do. We run stalls in a variety of settings and events such as local community festivals and in mosques and churches.

Twinning work with Aizaria
Aizaria is a suburb of East Jerusalem which has been cut off from the capital city by the Separation Wall in recent years.

  • In 2010 we invited four women over, two to celebrate the centenary of International Women's Day and two teachers from the girls’ secondary school in Aizaria to spend two weeks at a local girls’ school here. 
  • Prior to that we organised a very successful visit by the mayor of Aizaria and the director of the Rose of Jerusalem which supports children and young people with learning difficulties in Aizaria.  
  • We've worked closely with the local UCU branch in Tottenham to send three teachers to Aizaria and the West Bank to strengthen educational links.  In addition we paid for fifteen donated computers to be sent to the Musqat Secondary Boy's School in Aizaria.
  • We organised a visit by Haringey locals to Aizaria in Easter 2010. This was an opportunity to see first-hand what life is like for our friends and contacts there and to develop closer links at a grassroots level, school to school, church to church, trade union to trade union.
  • We have organised a summer visit to Aizaria by young people to help on holiday playschemes, teaching English and to learn more about the political situation.
  • We support the national network of twinning groups and attend their meetings. We are also a branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Support the boycott of Israeli goods
We carry out regular leafleting to raise awareness of supermarkets that offer practical support to the occupation by stocking products such as herbs and fruit which are grown in the Occupied West Bank, and to encourage costomers to exercise their consumer power to stop this.  

We have also been liaising with local shops to discuss the alternative sourcing of Israeli grown produce.